First Ever

There’s a first time for everything. First tooth. First steps. First haircut.┬áIn this case my first blog post! So welcome, one and all! I hope to share parts of our life, neat recipes I come up with, craft ideas and various other thoughts!

I would like to draw particular attention to the title of my blog- Catholic Housewife. Without over simplifying it, I am a Catholic woman and I currently do not work outside of our home. If you were hoping for a secular writer or someone who does not bring religion into their posts, I will disappoint you. If you were hoping to find a crazy, loving, and dedicated mother of three then you’re in the right place! The kids and I go on adventures to the store, the park, co-op days and of course to Mass! They help feed our animals and help to take care of each other!

Thank you for joining me on this newest adventure of mine! May we be encouragement for each other! God Bless!