It’s beginning to look a lot like….

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and I didn’t have to put a sheet on both of our horses tonight! Many people are commenting how it doesn’t “feel like” Christmas because the weather isn’t cold enough. What if we are being given an even better opportunity to know Christ and await His birth as we await and look for colder temperatures?

I am not one to complain often of the weather. I can’t change it, but I can change how I handle it. Warmer things for cold weather and cooler things for warmer weather. How do I handle seeking Christ? Do I forge ahead in my prayer life when I don’t get answers or do I complain that God isn’t listening? Do I seek to help those around me when I am able or do I close my eyes to them?

Use these last few days of Advent to ponder how you can allow Christ into your heart. Welcome Him, because He was not welcome in the inn. Seek Him, because wise men have for centuries. Know Him, because He knows and loves you.

Saint Joseph pray for us as we prepare to welcome your adopted son!


Tasty treats

imageToday my kids and I wanted to bake something, but we had errands to run, schoolwork to get done, and my youngest did not want to be put down for very long thanks to molars! So I opened the cabinet to see what we had. Some chocolate chips, marshmallows, old pecans (trash!), dried fruit and peanut butter. I’m a huge fan of peanut butter cups so my mind immediately went to a peanut butter cup! I scooped up my youngest who was yelling at me, and grabbed my supplies. A muffin tin, 1/2 tablespoon measure, small scoop, chocolate chips, peanut butter and marshmallows. I put a tablespoon of semi-sweet chips into six of the muffin tins and melted them for five minutes at 225 degrees (luckily in that five minutes my little man nursed and was happy again!). Took the pan out and put about a teaspoon of peanut butter onto the half melted chips and sprinkled another half tablespoon of chocolate chips on top. Baked for another ten minutes. Turned off the oven, opened the door, and stuffed a marshmallow into the gooey peanut butter and chocolate puddles. I let them cool for a bit in the oven so little fingers (or paws) didn’t find a hot pan. When they were completely cooled they popped right out of the pan with a knife. Biting into one with the gooey peanut butter, soft chocolate chips and crunchy marshmallow was tasty, satisfying and just the right amount of sweet! Bonus- both my girls ate dinner because they wanted one for dessert!!

Days like today when we’re busy it can be hard to remember that really it’s about raising these kiddos to love one another, God, and even perfect strangers. Little sweet treats can be a fun and easy way to bring everyone together and maybe encourage a little creativity. Make tomorrow the day you want it to be! God bless.