Wide awake

This is another one of those nights that I’m wide awake when I should be sound asleep. Watching movies in bed, listening for any sound of my babies waking up and needing me. Texting my husband while he works to save or care for people.

Isn’t it odd how our brains seem to run more when we’re asking them to shut down? I often wonder what God wants me to do with this time. Should I pray? Should I lay down and close my eyes and just rest? I did find an empty journal given to me by one of my dad’s sisters which was exciting for me! I can start writing some dreams in it and tape or glue pictures in it as I want. I have even drawn up a plan for what to do with our front yard. We can’t use it for the horses but we can garden or play sports! Here is a very rough drawing:


Baseball diamond and garden area!

What’s not written on this paper however, are the hours of play, learning, experience, and joy that will come from getting to grow food, entertain family and friends, and even grow closer together as a family! This garden plan is very ambitious. It may not happen like this at all in fact! But it makes me feel good knowing I have some kind of plan in mind and now it is also on paper.

Do you have something you’d like to do, perhaps in your prayer life or family life, that you have been thinking on for months? Years? Go write it down. Show it to someone- anyone!- else. Ask them what they think. Then show it to someone else. I’d absolutely pray about it. Here’s the part I’m struggling with… Then. Go. Do. It.

Best of luck to you and me both!



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