Here in Southern Pennsylvania we are in the beginning hours of snow storm “Jonas”. I. Love. Snow. Sledding, shoveling, trudging over a mile at night because I had to park my car at the bottom of our road, and of course, building a snowman 😍☃❄️!!!

Of course the horses still need to be fed, and the dogs still need to go outside, and we still have things to get done in the house. Tomorrow we will have snow to shove and move with the tractor!

The tractor is all ready for duty!

With so many cold weather activities going on for at least the next two days, I needed hot chocolate. Our oldest daughter was asking for some and I love having hot chocolate for dessert! So I got out the cocoa powder and started brain storming.

I found the sweetened condensed milk hanging out in my cabinet and I thought “Why not?”. Poured it into a pot, rinsed the can with skim milk, added the skim milk, and finally added a quarter cup of cocoa! Using a whisk I stirred in the cocoa and stirred/ whisked until the ingredients were combined. I added some water as well; I’d say around half a cup. You could add more if needed but I like thicker hot cocoa 😁😁😁 my oldest enjoyed it with her two marshmallows in it and our middle daughter liked it until it got spilled all over the sofa cushion. My husband and I really liked it!

Heres hoping for a safe blizzard for all!!! Enjoy it!! Go build a snowman ☃☃☃ come inside and enjoy some hot chocolate!

Mary, Our Mother, Pray for us!


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