You make all things new

In December we had a lot of rain. A. Lot. Of. Rain. So much rain that the whole barnyard was nothing but mud and by our shed was a good six inches deep! My poor horses were muddy from their knees down and when they rolled around of course they got mud all over their sides, necks and faces. Of course I did everything I could to keep them dry and clean but nothing was really good enough to keep the dirt and mud off! They wore sheets at night when it was warm and blankets as it got colder. But the mud. So. Much. Mud. *shudder*

Cue a few days ago. We got around three feet of snow. Yes. Three feet of snow, in a day and a half! Thank you Blizzard Jonas! While it was super tough walking up and down the hill to feed, water, throw hay, and just check on my girls, it was of course worth it to be a good steward of what we’ve been given!

This morning I’m walking on my path (stomped down snow thanks to my husband!) and I get to the gate. Both girls were waiting for me and of course they were *starving*! I put their buckets down and noticed something. No mud or dirt on their faces or necks! As I’m looking them each over I also notice how white Leaha’s feet look and how clean the outside of their hooves look. I mentally flashed back to a few weeks ago to the mud. We’ve gone from tremendous amounts of mud to tremendous amounts of snow, but the snow has cleaned everything!

Immedietly the song “You Make All Things New” came into my head. How many times do we hear how “dirty” our souls get and how Christ is able to make them pure again?

Last night I was very anxious about Leaha. She hadn’t been very interested in eating. Well she was far more interested in what was going on behind us on s hill than eating her food! My instincts knew this. My emotions did not! A few good friends of mine helped tremendously but this morning seeing both mares waiting for me was the biggest relief!!! It got me thinking of how I need to put more into God’s hands. Christ is able to use priests to forgive sins, turn water and wine and bread into The Precious Body and Blood of Christ, and change the hardest of hearts to His love and kindness. I used to think God wouldn’t want to hear about my day. He wouldn’t want to know why my struggles prevented me from making dinner on time. Not when people are suffering from cancer or incurable diseases! But God loves each of us and wants to be a part of all of our lives! Just like I enjoy walking with each of my little ones and hearing about how they have been, God wants to walk with us from day to day and hear about our day.

Let God bring newness into your life. Tomorrow morning give your day to Christ. See what He is capable of.

“Do whatever He tells you!”

Mary Our Mother, Pray for us to your Son!


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