Hard work…. On Sunday?

So we were blessed to buy a home built by some of my family members back in November 2014. Awesome house. Lovely property. Great area for us, and the horses came with us!! The trees have been hit super super hard by winter storms in the past several years. Ice, wind, snow, bugs, and now a woodpecker have had a toll. So naturally, to make my family and my husbands family proud, I’ve wanted to clean up the outside. We’ve put up horse fence and a run-in shed. We’ve mowed. I have plans for a HUGE garden and a baseball diamond. We got rid of a lot of trash. But the tree branches. Oh. The tree branches. My husband works a lot. He’s a hard worker, dedicated to his jobs and to us. But he also hates yard work. Hates. Yardwork. Well today I found time to go outside and move some branches around! It’s not really safe for the kids to be out while I’m doing this cause if a branch falls unexpectedly or someone trips and falls onto the pile of branches… No good!

My first thought, when I considered doing yard work today, was “wait, it’s Sunday!” Second thought “it needs to be done… And it’s beautiful out today! And I love yard work 😍” Is it really work when you love it? Well sure it is. But for me it’s also relaxing and enjoyable! Immediate results are a big thing for me. I can see branches that need to be cut down, more branches to be piled up, and a few trees that need to be taken out, but it’s a start!

Oh and if anyone needs firewood just let me know 😉

Have a blessed Sunday!!!!



It’s precious. It’s wasted. It’s too short. Too long. Too demanded of it. Not compensated appropriately for it. A measure of length. Time is all of these things. What happens when someone doesn’t make time to show you you are precious to them? That time is not wasted when spent with you. That time with you is always too short; never enough time to spend with you. You should never have to demand from someone that loves you, to spend time with you.

Time spent with friends and family is how we make memories. Sometimes that time can stand still, and we are able to bask in the friendship and love that surround us. The feeling that we are not only loved, but also appreciated. People value us. Because they are giving us some of their time.

What about those times when we are forgotten? Those times that people don’t show up? They don’t call? They don’t even text you. Those times we feel unappreciated. Disconnected. Lost. We feel let down. We aren’t worthy of their time. How awful those times are!

“…good times and in bad…” Famous words. We hear them at every wedding. A bride and groom promise to give the rest of their time to each other. No matter the circumstances. You’re promising to muddle through the bad times- the missed phone calls, the forgotten invitations, the family argument, the death of a loved one- and get to those good times! When the family randomly showed up on a summers afternoon and a baseball game played on the radio while you chatted and sipped sweet tea. When the birthday girl smashed her cake on your new shirt and everyone laughed because the icing blended right in. The good times filled with laughter, joy, and more laughter!

Think, right now, about a good time. A good time had with your husband or wife. Girlfriend or boyfriend. Best friend. Are you going through a rough time that those good memories are tougher and tougher to hold onto? Find another happy memory. Did you laugh? Smile? It’s so easy to be bogged down in the every day mundane life stuff. Get up, eat food, go to work, come home, eat food, go to bed. Repeat. When was the last time you watched a movie late at night on a Tuesday? How about the last time dinner was an “indoor picnic” on the floor? Take every opportunity of finding that “good time” in every one of your days.

Now; is God worth your time? Those good times. Did you share that triumph with Him? Or is it just in the bad times when you go running to Him; but shaking your fist and blaming Him for it? Have you been keeping Him up to date with joys, sorrows, trials, and successes? God should not be an afterthought. Just like those we love who are near and dear to us should not be.

Yes- we are all busy these days. We all have jam packed schedules that simply don’t allow *time* for anything else. Make that time to call a friend. Make that time to text your cousin. Make that time to cuddle with your spouse. Make that time for your own mother this week.

Time is precious. It is a gift. Make it good.

Holy Spirit; come and fill the hearts of the faithful!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes- this is a day invented by Hallmark because we just *needed* a holiday to spend money. Yes there are people who are single who don’t have a “Valentine”.

But let’s look at what Saint Valentine’s Day could be.

Saint Valentine was beaten and beheaded some time around 270 AD. He was a martyr for the early church. He loved (loves- since we believe he is in heaven and we aren’t dead but alive in God when we are in heaven!) God and Christ and was so filled by the Holy Spirit that he died for his belief- and for his love. Aren’t we called as wives to be submissive to our husbands? (As long as our husbands are first submissive to the Will of God!!!) And husbands are called to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That means- gentlemen- you should love your wife so much that you are willing to be scourged, beaten, humiliated, and crucified (not just killed!). No biggie right? Well what if we look to Saint Valentine for ways to love those we are called to love? Saint Valentine was willing to die a terrible death; uniting his suffering with Christ; for the early church. He gave not only his time and living life on earth for the church, but he gave his life for the early Church and for Christ because of love and faith. Let’s take a page out of the early church martyrs book. Let’s love fiercely. Let’s love and have such faith that we are willing to endure hard times and discomfort.

Now, I’m not implying we should all go traveling to dangerous places simply to “prove” our love of God or our spouse. But we should say in our day to day actions how much we love those we are called to love. (By the way- were called to love everyone. Everyone!) 

I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love for your family and friends. I also hope that you are given times to show others God’s love by doing good today, and every day to come.

Saint Valentine; Pray For Us.

Mary, Our Mother, Pray For Us!

Shove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday! Lent begins tomorrow! Barely two weeks from the 40th day of Christmas to the start of Lent… Talk about mood swings!

I really want to do something that guides my kids and shows them that Lent is a time for growth, reflection, and prayer in preparation for Easter. I’ve considered adding a rosary to my day with the last decade being said with them at bed time. I’ve considered a bunch of ideas I’ve found on Pinterest. I think my kiddos are too little to help at a soup kitchen just yet and we will be donating some of their stuffed animals to the local pregnancy center for new mamas and babies.

Then I came across this. http://www.teresatomeo.com/532-lenten-mercy-challenge-pray-fast-during-lent-this-year-of-mercy.html?http%3A%2F%2Fwww.teresatomeo.com%2F532-lenten-mercy-challenge-pray-fast-during-lent-this-year-of-mercy.html

Its the #LentenMercyChallenge. You’re asked to fast on bread and water for lunch on Fridays and to say a decade of the rosary at lunch. It’s something simple that I can do, both as something for myself and the world (through prayer) and something that my kids can see me doing!

If you’re able to join the Lenten Mercy Challenge, comment below! Let’s pray for one another and for peace in our world this Lent!

May this Lenten Season bring you closer than ever to Christ’s love and mercy!

Mary, Our Mother, pray for us, that we love your Son as you do!