Shove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday! Lent begins tomorrow! Barely two weeks from the 40th day of Christmas to the start of Lent… Talk about mood swings!

I really want to do something that guides my kids and shows them that Lent is a time for growth, reflection, and prayer in preparation for Easter. I’ve considered adding a rosary to my day with the last decade being said with them at bed time. I’ve considered a bunch of ideas I’ve found on Pinterest. I think my kiddos are too little to help at a soup kitchen just yet and we will be donating some of their stuffed animals to the local pregnancy center for new mamas and babies.

Then I came across this.

Its the #LentenMercyChallenge. You’re asked to fast on bread and water for lunch on Fridays and to say a decade of the rosary at lunch. It’s something simple that I can do, both as something for myself and the world (through prayer) and something that my kids can see me doing!

If you’re able to join the Lenten Mercy Challenge, comment below! Let’s pray for one another and for peace in our world this Lent!

May this Lenten Season bring you closer than ever to Christ’s love and mercy!

Mary, Our Mother, pray for us, that we love your Son as you do!


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