Hard work…. On Sunday?

So we were blessed to buy a home built by some of my family members back in November 2014. Awesome house. Lovely property. Great area for us, and the horses came with us!! The trees have been hit super super hard by winter storms in the past several years. Ice, wind, snow, bugs, and now a woodpecker have had a toll. So naturally, to make my family and my husbands family proud, I’ve wanted to clean up the outside. We’ve put up horse fence and a run-in shed. We’ve mowed. I have plans for a HUGE garden and a baseball diamond. We got rid of a lot of trash. But the tree branches. Oh. The tree branches. My husband works a lot. He’s a hard worker, dedicated to his jobs and to us. But he also hates yard work. Hates. Yardwork. Well today I found time to go outside and move some branches around! It’s not really safe for the kids to be out while I’m doing this cause if a branch falls unexpectedly or someone trips and falls onto the pile of branches… No good!

My first thought, when I considered doing yard work today, was “wait, it’s Sunday!” Second thought “it needs to be done… And it’s beautiful out today! And I love yard work šŸ˜” Is it really work when you love it? Well sure it is. But for me it’s also relaxing and enjoyable! Immediate results are a big thing for me. I can see branches that need to be cut down, more branches to be piled up, and a few trees that need to be taken out, but it’s a start!

Oh and if anyone needs firewood just let me know šŸ˜‰

Have a blessed Sunday!!!!


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