The highlight of your week

What was the highlight of your week last week? Did your son hit a homerun? Did your daughter score a goal? Did you get a raise or promotion?

I bet you called family members, tweeted about it or made a million Facebook posts about it. Cause it was awesome! Right? And that’s great! We love to share positive things with those we love!

Did you share it with God? When was the last time the highlight of your week was spending time with God? How can we get back to that?

Now that Lent and the Easter seasons are over we can really get into a rut of “same stuff, different day” and that can lead us to be really Luke-warm in our faith! Share those triumphs with Our Farher!!! Share those worries with Him when you lay down at night. While you’re driving to the store or stuck in traffic pray to Our Lady. See what they make of your day!!

God Bless!