There are so many times in my life I have had to cling to God and jump into what ever it was He wanted me to do. Having faith that I was given the strength and ability to go through what that trial or experience was, was sometimes all I had going into it! However uncertain I was of the outcome, I was certain it was the right path to take.

How do you choose your path? Do you converse with God? If you’ve never let God lead you where you should be, I’ll offer a small exercise in asking God about direction. Start off somewhere that you know where you are. It could be as simple as going to the gym, local park, or a store. Ask God which way you should go- left or right? And then listen. Wait for an answer. It might seem silly, but if we don’t practice asking for help with little things how will we know how to listen for our vocation? How will we know how to listen about our family needs or job changes?

I was driving into work one day, several years ago now, and I was reminded of a Homily on following Christ and doing God’s will. Well and really, following Christ IS doing God’s will! But I started to wonder how I was doing that. How was I listening to God? I came to a red light. I said “Ok Lord. Straight? Right? Or left?” The answer was to turn right. I felt really silly but I turned right. Come to find out the road was closed further down because of an accident. Had I gone straight I would’ve been very late to work! Seemingly small instance I know but as I continued in this exercise- no not all in the car!- I found that my faith grew. My prayer life was more enriched. I was able to listen more to God’s answers because I was more able to hear them.

Following God’s will is not always about moving mountains or converting thousands, but in the everyday and the ordinary. If we can not be convinced that we are following God on a daily, even hourly basis, how can we be sure of doing all the good we are called to do in this world?

My challenge for you today, is to allow yourself to live exactly as God wants you to. Maybe that means more prayer time. Maybe that means working on your marriage. It could even mean forgiving someone who has done something to wrong you. Really listen to God’s voice and live with conviction that you are on the path you are meant to be on!

Mary, Our Mother, intercede for us!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!


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