The Holy Father

While watching coverage on World Youth Day, I am amazed at all of the people who came together to praise God! I know several people who have made the pilgrimage to #WYD2016 and one of those friends shared a video this morning. The Holy Father was being driven somewhere, but he made a point to have his window open and waving at the people on the street as he went by! It was short but so moving! My heart was filled with joy and I actually cried happy tears! How does that happen? How can living saints, bishops, and the Holy Father create such strong feelings in us?

When Christ was on the earth, He was able to handpick His apostles. He found them while they were going about their daily work, much┬álike the Holy Spirit moves people even today to their vocation during their daily activities. Whether for married life, consecrated life, or even single life, the Holy Spirit (when we allow) softens our hearts to God’s plan. In a similar way, the Holy Spirit leads those voting for our next pontificate to almost all vote for the same person! It’s like when Christ handpicked his apostles to live apart from the world and begin the church. The Holy Spirit leads the hearts of the cardinals to pick the best successor of Peter that we need for the world we are in today! So when we see a living Saint, when we witness the Holy Father, and when we are moved by the words of our pastor, we are recognizing Christ in them. We are able to see Christ working in them and through them, and that should be a moving experience! When we cheer for the Holy Father, we are cheering for Christ. When we pray for intercession by the Saints, we are asking for our friends in heaven to join us in praying to God- in worshiping God and His will! May we never lose that joy we feel in our hearts! “Are not our hearts burning within us? Are not our hearts lighted with fire?”

Mary, Our Mother, Pray for us!