Got cool?

It’s hot today. Like, walk-outside-and-instantly-start-to-sweat hot! The horses have two fans now in their shed (I have plans to cut out windows for air circulation!), they have a full trough of fresh, clean water, and they’re both happy and healthy. So while it’s miserable, and tomorrow will be too, they’re doing ok all things considered! Most farmers have taken the exact same precautions. Fresh, clean water, good quality food in the form of grass or hay, and giant fans to try to keep the air as cool feeling as possible.

This morning when I fed the horses and gave them their fresh water, I was sitting on our swing and listening to the birds and the insects. Got me thinking about all the animals I wasn’t hearing. The deer. Rabbits. Fox, mice, groundhogs, and all those other animals that haven’t got someone to collect water for them. Or give them the fresh hay or grain. They’ve been given the ability to fend for themselves. They burrow into the ground, or find cover in brush. They find water in streams or ponds, lakes or even puddles. Days when it’s super hot, or super cold, those animals are capable of staying alive and for the most part, healthy! How cool is creation??

As I turned off the water, I said a prayer for all of us who care for the creatures we’ve been given. Those of us with horses in the field, those of us who grow meat to feed the rest of the world, and also those who will spend today in a tractor harvesting crops. If you have a moment, please pray for the farmers of the world today. Stay hydrated today!

Mary, Our Mother, intercede for us to Your Son!