Got cool?

It’s hot today. Like, walk-outside-and-instantly-start-to-sweat hot! The horses have two fans now in their shed (I have plans to cut out windows for air circulation!), they have a full trough of fresh, clean water, and they’re both happy and healthy. So while it’s miserable, and tomorrow will be too, they’re doing ok all things considered! Most farmers have taken the exact same precautions. Fresh, clean water, good quality food in the form of grass or hay, and giant fans to try to keep the air as cool feeling as possible.

This morning when I fed the horses and gave them their fresh water, I was sitting on our swing and listening to the birds and the insects. Got me thinking about all the animals I wasn’t hearing. The deer. Rabbits. Fox, mice, groundhogs, and all those other animals that haven’t got someone to collect water for them. Or give them the fresh hay or grain. They’ve been given the ability to fend for themselves. They burrow into the ground, or find cover in brush. They find water in streams or ponds, lakes or even puddles. Days when it’s super hot, or super cold, those animals are capable of staying alive and for the most part, healthy! How cool is creation??

As I turned off the water, I said a prayer for all of us who care for the creatures we’ve been given. Those of us with horses in the field, those of us who grow meat to feed the rest of the world, and also those who will spend today in a tractor harvesting crops. If you have a moment, please pray for the farmers of the world today. Stay hydrated today!

Mary, Our Mother, intercede for us to Your Son!


The Holy Father

While watching coverage on World Youth Day, I am amazed at all of the people who came together to praise God! I know several people who have made the pilgrimage to #WYD2016 and one of those friends shared a video this morning. The Holy Father was being driven somewhere, but he made a point to have his window open and waving at the people on the street as he went by! It was short but so moving! My heart was filled with joy and I actually cried happy tears! How does that happen? How can living saints, bishops, and the Holy Father create such strong feelings in us?

When Christ was on the earth, He was able to handpick His apostles. He found them while they were going about their daily work, much like the Holy Spirit moves people even today to their vocation during their daily activities. Whether for married life, consecrated life, or even single life, the Holy Spirit (when we allow) softens our hearts to God’s plan. In a similar way, the Holy Spirit leads those voting for our next pontificate to almost all vote for the same person! It’s like when Christ handpicked his apostles to live apart from the world and begin the church. The Holy Spirit leads the hearts of the cardinals to pick the best successor of Peter that we need for the world we are in today! So when we see a living Saint, when we witness the Holy Father, and when we are moved by the words of our pastor, we are recognizing Christ in them. We are able to see Christ working in them and through them, and that should be a moving experience! When we cheer for the Holy Father, we are cheering for Christ. When we pray for intercession by the Saints, we are asking for our friends in heaven to join us in praying to God- in worshiping God and His will! May we never lose that joy we feel in our hearts! “Are not our hearts burning within us? Are not our hearts lighted with fire?”

Mary, Our Mother, Pray for us!

Saturday vocation

This past weekend was what I hope the rest of my weekends look like for the rest of my life. Seriously. A few awesome riders on Saturday morning with my superstar mare Elle, time spent with family and friends for lunch, confession at my parish, and then an awesome dinner with a bonfire! Sunday my husband was off of work, so we all went to Mass, we went out to breakfast with my parents and my brother, then we spent some family time at home before taking care of the horses and going to my parents for dinner.

Of course the kids acted up. Of course my husband and I rolled our eyes at each other for silly things. Of course the fire took forever to light (we ended up using a whole cardboard box and several pieces of large paper!). But if things were always exactly just so, would we actually appreciate the perfection in our imperfect lives?

Confession is one of those things that you either embrace or reject as archaic and “outdated”. I encourage you as a child of The Risen Lord to embrace it! Confession is not about confessing to a man. Although Christ told his apostles, “whose sins you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you bind on earth are bound in heaven”, the priest is in a very unique vocation to allow Christ and the Holy Spirit to use them to forgive and absolve sins! So when the priest acts “in the person of Christ”, he is not himself. He is allowing the Holy Spirit to guide what he says, what he does, and how he reacts to the penitent! What an awesome vocation to allow Christ to use you for salvation!

In everything we were able to do this weekend together as a family, two things stick out in my mind. Getting to go to confession, and going to Mass as a family. The imperfections fade into the background. Luckily with Christ, our imperfections are taken away with the sacraments when we allow His grace in!

May the Grace and Peace of Christ be with you today and every day!

Mary, Our Mother, Pray for Us!


There are so many times in my life I have had to cling to God and jump into what ever it was He wanted me to do. Having faith that I was given the strength and ability to go through what that trial or experience was, was sometimes all I had going into it! However uncertain I was of the outcome, I was certain it was the right path to take.

How do you choose your path? Do you converse with God? If you’ve never let God lead you where you should be, I’ll offer a small exercise in asking God about direction. Start off somewhere that you know where you are. It could be as simple as going to the gym, local park, or a store. Ask God which way you should go- left or right? And then listen. Wait for an answer. It might seem silly, but if we don’t practice asking for help with little things how will we know how to listen for our vocation? How will we know how to listen about our family needs or job changes?

I was driving into work one day, several years ago now, and I was reminded of a Homily on following Christ and doing God’s will. Well and really, following Christ IS doing God’s will! But I started to wonder how I was doing that. How was I listening to God? I came to a red light. I said “Ok Lord. Straight? Right? Or left?” The answer was to turn right. I felt really silly but I turned right. Come to find out the road was closed further down because of an accident. Had I gone straight I would’ve been very late to work! Seemingly small instance I know but as I continued in this exercise- no not all in the car!- I found that my faith grew. My prayer life was more enriched. I was able to listen more to God’s answers because I was more able to hear them.

Following God’s will is not always about moving mountains or converting thousands, but in the everyday and the ordinary. If we can not be convinced that we are following God on a daily, even hourly basis, how can we be sure of doing all the good we are called to do in this world?

My challenge for you today, is to allow yourself to live exactly as God wants you to. Maybe that means more prayer time. Maybe that means working on your marriage. It could even mean forgiving someone who has done something to wrong you. Really listen to God’s voice and live with conviction that you are on the path you are meant to be on!

Mary, Our Mother, intercede for us!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!

The highlight of your week

What was the highlight of your week last week? Did your son hit a homerun? Did your daughter score a goal? Did you get a raise or promotion?

I bet you called family members, tweeted about it or made a million Facebook posts about it. Cause it was awesome! Right? And that’s great! We love to share positive things with those we love!

Did you share it with God? When was the last time the highlight of your week was spending time with God? How can we get back to that?

Now that Lent and the Easter seasons are over we can really get into a rut of “same stuff, different day” and that can lead us to be really Luke-warm in our faith! Share those triumphs with Our Farher!!! Share those worries with Him when you lay down at night. While you’re driving to the store or stuck in traffic pray to Our Lady. See what they make of your day!!

God Bless!


Been a while!

Whew i didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged in almost a month!

I’ve had a bit of stress these past few weeks. One of our mares had a lump under her jaw. This wasn’t a new development. She had it about a year. Well a few weeks ago it started effecting her breathing. The vet came out and did bloodwork. Nothing out of the ordinary. Well her breathing got worse. Second vet came out and wasn’t hopeful. We tried a steroid but this past Sunday night she passed away in her sleep. I found her Monday morning. It wasn’t a huge shock because I had come to terms with that being a possibility. I had prayed for peace, I had prayed for her to be healed and I prayed for the ability to do what was best for her. We have peace. She’s been healed. And God did what was best for her. A priest friend of mine from high school also passed away early Monday morning. My husband found solace in that- someone I knew was going to heaven the same night our Leaha did! Father must’ve needed a good horse 😉

We have been spending extra time with Elle since she is an only horse now. Extra carrots, extra grooming time, extra hay, and we’d give her extra love too but I’m not sure how to increase that past “maximum”! Considering getting goats, sheep, another horse, or some combination of all of those.

Today being Saint Patrick’s day I made a point to post a few things on Facebook and text a few people who I need to talk to more often; some friends, some family. It made me a little sad realizing there are so many family members I’m not “friends” with on Facebook. I know Facebook is not the be all and end all for relationships, but seeing as I have many relatives who live far away and we don’t get to see often, to me it makes sense to keep in touch using something like Facebook. I don’t have email lists, address lists or everyone’s phone number.

These past few weeks have been stressful, hectic feeling, we’ve had to miss a birthday party because we were all sick (still fighting the residual cold grossness!), and full of anxiety and sadness.

Needless to say I am greatly looking forward to Holy Week!!!

What are your plans for Holy Week?

Hard work…. On Sunday?

So we were blessed to buy a home built by some of my family members back in November 2014. Awesome house. Lovely property. Great area for us, and the horses came with us!! The trees have been hit super super hard by winter storms in the past several years. Ice, wind, snow, bugs, and now a woodpecker have had a toll. So naturally, to make my family and my husbands family proud, I’ve wanted to clean up the outside. We’ve put up horse fence and a run-in shed. We’ve mowed. I have plans for a HUGE garden and a baseball diamond. We got rid of a lot of trash. But the tree branches. Oh. The tree branches. My husband works a lot. He’s a hard worker, dedicated to his jobs and to us. But he also hates yard work. Hates. Yardwork. Well today I found time to go outside and move some branches around! It’s not really safe for the kids to be out while I’m doing this cause if a branch falls unexpectedly or someone trips and falls onto the pile of branches… No good!

My first thought, when I considered doing yard work today, was “wait, it’s Sunday!” Second thought “it needs to be done… And it’s beautiful out today! And I love yard work 😍” Is it really work when you love it? Well sure it is. But for me it’s also relaxing and enjoyable! Immediate results are a big thing for me. I can see branches that need to be cut down, more branches to be piled up, and a few trees that need to be taken out, but it’s a start!

Oh and if anyone needs firewood just let me know 😉

Have a blessed Sunday!!!!